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Who is Radio Hot Spot? If you would like to know, who we are, what we do and why you should listen to us, then check this out.

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What is Radio Hot Spot?

There are so many artists out there, so many songs, but we know only a few singles from all those great albums. "Radio Hot Spot" is a live broadcasted show that will make you want more of all this mostly unknown great golden nuggets out there. We are very very naughty red, family green and crispy blue. We not only play music, but we also investigate in things you are interested in or we think are worth investigating. We want to show you what is out there in the world. Prepare your ears to become stimulated and your brain to be paralyzed. But to make this work, we need you too. Tell us about great storys. Show us incredible songs. Contact us as much as you like, so this our show will not only be ours, but yours too!

To show you what we mean, you can watch the youtube-video on this site with a track from Karl X Johan - Flames. Not only is the video a mood-maker, the video is just awesome!

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